Update on Storms in Atlantic and Pacific


Over the past week, the tropics have been very active and storms are churning. The oceans currently have the right ingredients to stir up a tropical storm and enhance into a hurricane. 

In the Atlantic, Fred is currently a Tropical Depression. Heading into Sunday and Monday, Fred will continue to move up to the Florida Keys and into the panhandle. The heavy rainfall will cause heavy flooding. Fred will continue to make its way up north into Tennessee by Wednesday morning, bringing more rain in our forecast for the upcoming week. 

Aside from the weakened Tropical Depression Fred, there is another Potential Tropical Cyclone (PTC)  following from behind. This is the seventh PTC of this hurricane season and it is predicted that the storm will become a Tropical Cyclone between Saturday and Sunday morning. 

On the opposite side of the ocean, in the Pacific there is currently Hurricane Linda. Linda is a Category 2 hurricane moving at 13 mph and gaining strength. Linda has the potential to be considered a major hurricane as the wind speeds have the potential to exceed 110 mph. Linda is expected to weaken back to a Tropical Storm by Tuesday. 

The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring these storms for any strengthening or weakening and provides updates every few hours. For more information on these storms, visit the National Hurricane Center’s website at nhc.noaa.gov. 

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