OBITUARY: Robert Carl Black


Robert Carl Black was born in Nashville on June 8, 1965, son of Viki Anderson Black and Carl Black, Jr. He received a baby brother, Paul Black, as a Christmas gift in 1969.

Robert was an active and happy baby who rarely slept. He was a loving child who liked to entertain family members with his wit.

Unfortunately, Robert’s father who was an officer in the US Marine Corps died when he was age 7. His brother Paul was then age 2 and the boys became extremely close.

In elementary school, one teacher said that Robert did not think he could begin the day without first personally greeting every student. He was always a people person.

Robert was good at sports playing football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

He was a natural musician playing drums, piano and guitar. In high school, he played tuba and was proud that his Hendersonville High School Band won State Champions in 1983. Robert attended Middle Tennessee State University playing in their band.

As a dedicated worker, he began working at Domino Pizza the day he turned 18 and worked his way up to Regional Supervisor. Robert taught himself computer technology and worked several years for CT&T. He then became IT Director of Robertson County 911 Center and worked there until cancer prevented his continued employment.

Robert married Dena Williams in 1990, but the marriage did not survive. The major focus of Robert’s life was his precious daughter Joscelyn Black who was born in 1993. Robert’s love and support helped Jo graduate from high school as a member of the Honor Society. With his encouragement, Jo graduated with honors from Austin Peay University. He was absolutely devastated when she died in 2017.

He and his daughter Jo were fortunate to have escaped alive when their house burned to the ground in 2005.

Robert enjoys cars and owned a 1965 Ford Galaxy, 1971 Maverick and has restored a 1978 Ford Fairmont. He was a member of the Hurt’s Club of car enthusiasts.

Robert and his step-father Charles Keller formed a close and loving friendship. They enjoyed sports, cars and video games together.

The last several years of Robert’s life had been a struggle to defeat cancer. Robert’s generosity was demonstrated by his participation in several cancer clinical trials. He donated his body to the University of Tennessee Department of Forensic Anthropology better known as the Body Farm.

A wonderful Celebration of Life was conducted on January 14, 2023 with many friends and family visiting. A parade of classic cars drove by his home in his honor led by a fire engine and police car and followed by another police car. This was a beautiful tribute to this amazing man.

Robert’s great sense of humor and his friendly nature will be missed by all who were privileged to have known him. He is loved by many.

Robert passed from this life on February 13, 2023 with his mother and brother by his side. He joined his beloved daughter Joscelyn Black and his dad Carl Black in heaven.


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