Deja Moo Creamery & Coffee Co. to Open in Springfield

Deja Moo
Pictured: Unicorn Sundae/Deja Moo Website

What’s better than coffee and ice cream? We can’t think of anything! And Deja Moo Creamery & Coffee Co offers just that, and they are opening soon in Springfield!

The City of Springfield announced via social media that the store will be located at 804 Memorial Blvd and is scheduled to open this fall. The owners of the new Sprinfield Deja Moo are Springfield residents Wayne and Amy Evans.

According to the Deja Moo website, they offer ice cream and a cornucopia of confections, breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea.

Ice cream flavors include all the regulars, such as vanilla and chocolate, but also some unique flavor combinations like Eskimo Kisses (coconut ice cream kissed with chocolate truffles and a thick blanket of fudge), Rush Hour (coffee ice cream with creamy caramel swirl and chocolate coffee candy chips) and so many more. You can check out more flavors here and their numerous sundae offerings.

The breakfast menu includes waffles (nutella,wildberry, strawberry and chocolate chip), breakfast burritos, smoothies, omletes and more. The lunch menu offers wraps, sandwiches and salads. As far as coffee goes, you can get a specialty latte (such as banana bread latte and white chocolate lavendar latte), espresso, cold brew and more. If you prefer tea, they offer a variety of loose leave tea.

Currently, you can find Deja Moo in White House at 575 Sage Rd N.

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