Ribbon Cutting: Black Sheep Shaved Ice & Sweet Creations in White House

Black Sheep Shaved Ice
Photo by White House Chamber

Black Sheep Shaved Ice & Sweet Creations celebrated with a ribbon cutting on May 24, 2023, at 326 West Drive in White House Tennessee.

Black Sheep Shaved Ice & Sweet Creations has Shaved Ice, Blended Coffee drinks, Italian sodas, and cream frappes.

Check their Facebook Page to see where they will be next. Facebook

What is Shaved Ice?

Shaved ice, also known as snow cones or shaved snow, is a popular frozen dessert made by shaving ice into a fine, fluffy texture and then flavoring it with various syrups. The ice is typically shaved using a special machine that produces very thin ice flakes, creating a snow-like consistency.

To make shaved ice, a block of ice is placed in the shaving machine, and a blade shaves off very thin layers of ice, creating delicate and light flakes. The resulting ice is collected in a cup or bowl, forming a mound of fluffy ice. The shaved ice can then be drizzled with flavored syrups in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, mango, or watermelon.


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