Logan Leftrick Signs With Southeastern Missouri State University to Continue Football Career


Springfield High School Senior Logan Leftrick has accepted a scholarship offer from Southeastern Missouri State University to play football as their punter/kicker beginning with the 2003 season.

On Wednesday, December 21, Leftrick signed the agreement in front of coaches, family, and friends at SHS.  When asked his thoughts about the decision, he responded with an immediate, “I feel great!”

Leftrick has kicked for the Jackets for the past 4 years and has furthered his own skill-sets through both private and team coaching.

Head Coach, Dustin Wilson said he’s proud of Leftrick, who has shown character and motivation in his quest to be the best kicker possible.

“It’s a big deal for any kid to go chase a dream, but for what he’s doing, with the special skills involved in kicking, it’s pretty special,” said Wilson.  “We don’t have a kicking coach on staff, so he’s gone and gotten coaching and done all this on his own.  A lot of time, effort, and money have gone into this.

“He’s developed and practiced his technique and works constantly at refining his skill.  It’s a big deal for others to see the time and effort he’s put into this.  Congratulations to him and his family today.”

For his part, Leftrick said he’ll be leaving for Cape Girardeau, MO, a few weeks after graduation to begin his training for the fall football season.  He intends to major in mechanical engineering and has set a goal of helping his team to earn a conference championship.


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