Hurricane Sam Still Going Strong in the Atlantic


Hurricane Sam has been in discussion with the National Hurricane Center since September 22nd. As of today, the storm is still going strong in the Atlantic.

Sam is currently a Category 4 hurricane, which makes this a major hurricane. That means that the overall windspeed is exceeding 110 MPH. The maximum sustained windspeed that the NHC has recorded is up to 150 MPH.

Throughout today and into tomorrow evening, the storm will continue to be considered a major hurricane, briskly moving north at 21 MPH. Over the next 72 hours, NHC expects Sam to dissipate and make its way back down to a Tropical Storm grade by Wednesday morning.

Although this storm may cause some rip tides in the Bermuda and Leeward islands, it is not expected to make landfall over the United States.

For more information on Hurricane Sam, visit the NHC website here.

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