How United Communications is Working to Become a Best Place to Work


United Communications has earned an 84 Net Promoter Score, which measures customer experience. That’s the highest among internet service providers. But the company isn’t stopping there. It wants that same outstanding experience for its employees.

The company is in the running to be a National Business Journal 2023 Best Place to Work. If United Communications receives the honor it will be the culmination of many initiatives to make the work experience more engaging and transparent for employees across all locations and work formats – both in the field and in the office. Here’s a look at some of the initiatives United Communications has undertaken to serve its employees.

United Communications Employee Experience Improvements

On the road to becoming a Best Place to Work, United Communications has taken many steps toward increasing its employee Net Promoter Score, which has increased by 12 percent.

  • Created the Best Place to Work Committee: this team collects issues or concerns employees have to help make improvements. The company has received helpful feedback through the committee to guide them toward creating an ideal work environment.
  • Improving company communication: as businesses grow, they often face challenges in reaching employees. The company is focused on transparency and keeping employees informed of what’s happening through regular communication.
  • Quarterly town hall meetings: United Communications is using town hall meetings to help connect its teams across all locations and departments. During these meetings, the company can share important updates and answer employee questions. It’s been a great way to improve communication and take feedback to make crucial improvements.

For the company, it isn’t so much about the recognition but about serving its team well, which in turn serves its customers. Employees might be neighbors or members of the community and ensuring their needs are met is just as important as ensuring customer needs are met.

Who is United Communications

United Communications is a fiber broadband provider serving eight counties in middle Tennessee and rapidly expanding to underserved areas of the state.

You might be surprised how many people still don’t have Wi-Fi in remote areas. United Communications received a grant through the Giles County Economic Development Commission to help serve the northern part of Giles County. The area has many beautiful homes and it’s wild to think that they don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

If you want to see whether service is available in your area or if you’re in an area where service is planned, you can check availability at Direct questions to 931-364-2287 or [email protected].

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