Healthcare at Your Fingertips: Fiber Internet Ensures Equitable Access with Telehealth Services


Like most industries, healthcare has been revolutionized by developments in virtual technology. Since access to healthcare facilities remains unevenly distributed, fiber internet is a crucial equalizer in extending the reach and effectiveness of telehealth services. This transformative technology lays the foundation for a more inclusive healthcare system, where geographic distance no longer dictates the quality of care individuals receive. 

With its unparalleled speed and reliability, fiber internet transcends geographical barriers, empowering individuals in remote or underserved regions by providing access to healthcare services remotely. By facilitating seamless video conferencing, real-time data transmission, and comprehensive medical record management, fiber internet transforms telehealth from a convenience into a lifeline, ensuring equitable access to vital medical expertise regardless of one’s location. 

These updates in medical services put the healthcare experience right in the patient’s hands. United Communications invites you to learn more about the role of fiber internet in bridging the healthcare gap by improving access to medical services and resources:

Virtual Healthcare with Telehealth Services 

Fiber internet enables high-speed, reliable video conferencing, which is essential for telehealth medical appointments. Telehealth services allow patients in remote or underserved areas to consult with the healthcare professionals they need in virtually any location. With online appointments, they can receive a virtual diagnosis, treatment advice, therapy, or even symptom monitoring. Telehealth services reduce the need for physical travel, making healthcare more accessible. Fiber connections create the most stable environment for these services to take place so patients never miss a moment of these critical healthcare appointments. 

Remote Monitoring

Fiber internet facilitates real-time remote monitoring of a patient’s health conditions. With high-speed connectivity, healthcare providers can monitor vital signs, medication adherence, and other health metrics from a distance. This development is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses who require regular monitoring but may have difficulty traveling to healthcare facilities frequently.

Medical Records Management

Fiber internet enables fast and secure transmission of electronic medical records (EMRs) and other patient data between healthcare facilities. This ensures that healthcare providers have access to comprehensive patient information regardless of their location, improving the continuity and quality of care.

Health Education and Awareness

Fiber internet supports the dissemination of health education materials and resources to underserved communities. Healthcare providers can leverage high-speed internet to deliver online seminars, webinars, and educational videos on various health topics, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Research and Collaboration

Fiber internet facilitates collaboration among healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide. High-speed connectivity allows for seamless sharing of medical research findings, data analysis, and collaborative efforts in developing new treatments and technologies. This collaboration can lead to advancements in healthcare practices and better outcomes for patients in both suburban and rural areas. 

Bridging the Healthcare Gap with Fiber Internet and Project UNITE

United Communications recognizes the role of reliable, high-speed internet in bridging the healthcare gap for people living in more remote locations. As a leading telecommunications company in Middle Tennessee, United is dedicated to ensuring that fiber internet service is equally accessible across the region. With efforts like Project UNITE, United Communications is laying thousands of miles of fiber optic cables to extend service into historically underserved communities. By connecting more households in Middle Tennessee, United helps customers receive equitable access to high-quality virtual healthcare services. 

United Communications is Expanding Fiber Across Middle TN – Check if They’re Headed Your Way!

United Communications operates more than 3,700 route miles of fiber, covering portions of 

Bedford, Davidson, Franklin, Marshall, Maury, Rutherford, Williamson, and Wilson counties. United offers fiber and high-speed internet to much of Middle Tennessee, but they continue expanding fiber-optic lines to reach rural and under-connected communities. 

Many areas are either under construction or slated for expansion. Search your address availability to find out when United Communications will come to your address.  

Learn more about United Communications and get started with your multi-gig fiber connection today!

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