Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown Returns

photo from Magnolia Roads

The annual Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown IX brings together family and friends in East Nashville for three nights of music. Drawing inspiration from the diverse sounds that originated in the heart of America, from honky-tonks to dive bars, juke joints to roadhouses, and even front porches, backyards, and campfires, The Hoedown showcases a blend of local Nashville and national music acts. These performers embody the essence of American Roots Music, fusing elements of Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, Rock n Roll, and Soul, infused with the deep rhythms of the South, cosmic vibes, and a touch of 70’s Laurel Canyon influence.

The event occurs at the Five Spot at 1006 Forest Ave, Nashville, from Thursday, April 25th until Saturday, April 27th.

NIGHT ONE THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH “Made in Nashville” In their original set, artists will include a cover song that was recorded in Nashville and that truly inspired them. 6pm-Midnight/$10 with:
Melissa Farrior 6:00
Erin O’Dowd 6:35
Hannah Connolly 7:10
Mike Younger 7:50
Alice Wallace 8:25
Derek Hoke 9:10
Boo Ray 10:05
Natchez Tracers 11:00

“Tribute to the 70s” 1st set “Women of the 70s” 2nd set “1974” 9pm-12:30 am/$10 All-Star Band Featuring:
Ginger Sands, Luke Sands, Bobby Frank, Allen Thompson, Claire Kelly, Clint Maine, Crystal Miller, David Newbould, Ellen Lonow, Erin O’Dowd, Erin Peet Lukes, Heidi Burson, Henry Conlon, Keisha Bailey, Lee Gallagher, Mary Hull, Megan & Shane, Muskrat Lovers, Rachel Rodriguez, Scott Hylbert, Tommy Womack

“Number Nine” An homage to the 9th Hoedown plus each artist will cover a song from The Beatles White Album in their set of originals. The White Album features song #9, (AND The Beatles 9th studio album, which was #1 on charts for 9 weeks!) 4:20pm-12:30 am/$10 with:

Jon Latham 4:20
Bobbo Byrnes 4:55
Brian Ashley Jones 5:30
Brand New Heartache 6:05
Tennessee Warblers 6:45
Kendel LeGore 7:35
Afton Wolfe 8:25
Chip Greene 9:30
Matt Mann & The Shine Runners 10:25
David Newbould 11:20


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