City of Springfield to Collect Tornado and Storm Debris


The City of Springfield will collect debris from the December 9 tornado and storm event on Wednesday, December 13, and Thursday, December 14.

To expedite debris collection, the community should:

  • Place their debris beside the road, similar to regularly scheduled brush pickup.
  • Debris should be placed at the edge of their property only and not on sidewalks, in ditches or street or on vacant lots or vacant properties.
  • Sort their debris into piles of brush and non-brush.
  • Remember to wear protective gear, such as boots, gloves, and goggles when sorting debris.
  • For further instructions on debris sorting, consult the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) Debris Removal Guidelines.

The City of Springfield will collect debris within the city limits. The community will not need to report debris to the City of Springfield for collection.

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