A Disturbance in the Tropics


Over the past several days, a disturbance has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Right now this is considered Potential Tropical Cyclone SIX. The storm is currently moving over top of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands slowly gaining strength. 

By tonight or tomorrow morning, the National Hurricane Center says that this may potentially become a Tropical Storm. The current wind speeds are at 35 mph, but with the warm waters and Northwest movement of 18 mph, this storm has the great possibility of strengthening over the next several hours.

The current forecasted path is heading towards Florida by the end of the week. As it is too far to accurately forecast the storm’s path, the main concern is winds and rain for Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. To stay up to date on the Potential Tropical Cyclone SIX and other storms, click here. 


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